DJ C-BU. Behind the Scenes.

Monday 25 October, 2010. The day I took the first step towards reinventing myself as a professional DJ. Changing my focus. Re-establishing my brand. Re-assessing what I really want. This is a visual log of the change in progress and the future.

I'm DJ C-BU and I have been a professional DJ in Sydney, Australia since late 2005. I've established a name here and around Asia, playing R&B and Hip Hop, and producing Video mixes that made a small splash. I know there's more for me out there so I'm ready to make my next move and share what I'm doing with the rest of the world. This brings us to this photo blog.

Follow as I document the changes, witness the breakthroughs, witness the road blocks, all from my point of view.

This blog will only document a process. Want more?

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